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My name is Jonathan Huot. I'm a software developer and enjoy in crafting websites and softwares. If you have an amazing idea or project, and you think I can take part in, keep me in touch.

Currently, I'm working at Thomson Reuters in the Technology division, and we work with open-source tools eg. Varnish, Nginx, ELK... on Linux.

Previously, I was working as a freelancer for a small web agency and for Credit Agricole CIB "Cheuvreux", the top-3 european financial broker.

Before, I was working as a software engineer at Sopra company between 2007 and 2010. I worked for Bouygues Telecom, Auchan, and ADEO Services (LeroyMerlin).

I was graduated in 2007 at EPITECH : Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation.

For those interested, my resume is available here in french (last updated: 03/2017)

Please feel free to visit my personal projects page.

E-mail : jonathan <DOT> huot <AT> gmail <DOT> com.

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